Our Instructors


Roger has a gift for imparting his knowledge and skills to his students! He believes that martial arts are not just about physical strength but are also about developing mental discipline and emotional control. Roger is known for his patient, encouraging teaching style that helps his students to achieve their full potential.


Makinly graduated from Minot High School in 2022 and started attending MSU for her associates in liberal arts and plans to get a degree in Dental Hygiene as well. Makinly loves to read and spend time at the lake. She started dancing when she was 3 and continued through her senior year. With her background in dance she has knowledge on body movements and understands how to relate things to students.She started working at Bad Ace in September 2022 as our After School Program Director. She loves kids and helping them learn and grow and be the best versions of themselves. She has also taken in the roll of the front desk so she wears many hats at Bad Ace!


My Martial Arts journey has been amazing. I started training when I was young, but I really doubled down during my teenage years. I was active in the tournament circuit and loved competing. Over the years, I gained my 4th Dan in Taekwondo, 2nd Degree in Shou Shu, and my Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. My teaching philosophy is to work hard, have fun, and pass your limitations. Your only competition in life is the limits that you set on yourself.


My Grappling career began in 2007 in Fort Gibson, Oklahoma with High School Wrestling where I wrestled 3-4 years, until graduation; then continued in 2012 when I began training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at
calaveras martial arts in Minot North Dakota. Over the next 5 years I trained Primarily in Jiu jitsu, but
also in Boxing, Muay Thai, and MMA. I picked up
again studying kinesiology and the human body.
I am a believer that strong fundamentals, superior physical conditioning, and a greater working
knowledge of physical mechanics in Jiu Jitsu are the keys to winning matches decisively. I work to never leave it up to the judge and believe that being successful and winning are not synonymous, and I train for myself and my students to be successful first. Belts and lineage are both great to have, but neither matter when judging results.


I grew up in Minot and my martial arts journey started at a young age, I wrestled for most of my childhood into high school. I started to train Jiu Jitsu and Shou Shu in early August of 2023. I have made martial arts my lifestyle making health, fitness, and discipline the number one priority for myself and those around me. I love seeing peoples understanding of martial arts develop along with their passion.