Teen Martial Arts

We help teens build a solid foundation for adulthood through the development of essential life skills. They’ll discover amazing benefits that they can carry with them for years to come!

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Program Overview

Teens are subjected to a wide range of influences, both positive and negative and the difference between good and bad decisions take on much greater significance. In today’s world, it’s so important they have good friends and positive role models in addition to their parents and classroom teachers.

With the increasingly intense school curriculum and homework, college prep testing, and sports schedules, it can be difficult to find a good balance and allow for some downtime. At BADACE, the teens in our program are well prepared to take on these challenges. Surrounded by other teens and adults with positive values, they come to learn how focus, respect, and self-discipline can give them a huge advantage in life.

Getting a great workout, advancing through ranks, and having a ton of fun in the process is a great release from the stresses of school and teenage life. Instructors balance serious training with a lighthearted side – Our teens enjoy themselves when they’re here and they look forward to returning when they’re at home or at school.

  • The Mind

    From a kid who’s constantly struggling at school, to…  

    The Kid with Laser Focus

    The world our children are growing up in today is filled with hyper-stimulation and distractions which can make it challenging to focus on what’s important, like academics and personal development. Karate teaches kids how to master focus on their instructor, their surroundings, and themselves, an important skill that can be carried over into other key areas of their day-to-day lives.

  • The Body

    From a Couch Potato lacking physical activities, to…

    The Kid with Great Motivation

    Not everyone is motivated from within. For many of us, working toward a personal achievement is something that takes time and effort. Being able to master this at a young age will position your child for better success throughout his or her life. Our teen program is designed to help kids recognize their potential and develop the internal drive necessary to accomplish their goals. They can then apply that inner motivation to other areas of their lives, such as school work, sports and more.  

  • The Spirit

    Unable to resist peer pressure and take a stand, to…

    The Bully-Proof Kid Next Door

    Many children are quiet, subdued and even timid, particularly when it comes to learning new things. In fact, this is how most of our students begin their experience with martial arts. Over time, however, through expert instruction and a strategically designed program, students naturally begin to overcome their inhibitions, exhibiting inner strength and self-confidence and stand-up to a bully without fighting.  

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